100% Effective Excel Tricks & Tools Crash Course [2021] by Trulabz Technologies

100% Effective Excel Tricks & Tools Crash Course [2021] Udemy

The udemy 100% Effective Excel Tricks & Tools Crash Course [2021] course taught by Professor Trulabz Technologies is one of the most interesting about Office Productivity. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download 100% Effective Excel Tricks & Tools Crash Course [2021]

Excel Tools & Tricks to increase Productivity & Save Time. Become Excel PRo Using Excel Ninja Tricks (2013, 2016, 2019)

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100% Effective Excel Tricks & Tools Crash Course [2021] This course is best described as: Excel Shortcuts, Hacks & Tricks: 25+ Powerful Excel Tips Become the Excel Hero with Advanced Excel Tools Excel For Beginners! Top 25 Hottest Tutorials,Tips & Tricks! If you’re a business/Working professional, who uses (or will be using Microsoft Excel) on a daily basis, this is the course for you! The Course will Help You Build a Strong Foundation in Excel & Solve Complex Problems Fast – This is How: · Use my top 20 Tools, Tricks, Tips to increase Productivity and save time · Learn the top 20 Excel Tools for quick and fast calculation in no time. It’s about featuring some of the most powerful and effective tools and techniques used by Excel professionals , and sharing them through nice, clear demos and unique, real-world case studies. Microsoft Excel Top 20 Excel Tools, Tricks and Bonus tools: 1) Data Grouping 2) Data Consolidation 3) Freeze Panes 4) Splitting of Column 5) Text to Column 6) Flash Fill 7) Remove Duplicates 8) Hide Row & Column 9) Hide Worksheet & Hide Workbook 10) Auditing Tools 11) SUBTOTAL Feature 12) GO TO SPECIAL TAB 13) Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) 14) Ribbon Customization – Create a tab of your name 15) Hide/Remove Tab 16) The Secret Excel Camera Tool 17) Amazing Secrets of Paste Special 18) Find/Replace 19) Quick Analysis 20) The Power of Hyperlinks ********************************************** Super Amazing Bonuses: 1) Bonus Tool 1 2) Bonus Tool 2 3) Bonus Tool 3 4) Bonus Tool 4 5) Bonus Tool 5 and Many more…… ********************************************** [Excel Shortcuts keys for all tool used in this course.] <<<>> Practice Files, Assignments and Case- Studies E-book guide to assist while watching the videos ********************************************** Super BONUS: MASTER HYPERLINKED WORKBOOK – All sheets as one place. ***** THE MOST RELEVANT CONTENT TO GET YOU UP TO SPEED ***** ***** CLEAR AND CRISP VIDEO RESOLUTION ***** ***** CLEAR AND GOOD AUDIO ***** ***** COURSE UPDATED: June 2021 ***** Becoming advanced in Excel takes practice, readiness to learn new methods and willingness to apply these to practical cases. Take this course to get a head start! Summary My motto of creating this course program is increase the awareness of the top excel tools which will eventually help you to solve complex problems. Explore the best possibilities Excel offers you, only then are you able to do any type of analysis with the best and clean method in the shortest time. [*****It’s time to start working smarter, not harder. *******] If you’re looking to maximize your efficiency, supercharge your productivity, and become an absolute Excel POWER USER, this is the course for you . See you in there! Nipun Gupta, Trulabz Technologies Take action now to take yourself to the next level of professional development. Click on the TAKE THIS COURSE button, located on the top right corner of the page, NOW… every moment you delay you are delaying that next step up in your career… *** LIFETIME access includes Excel Pro Tip PDF eBook, Excel project files, 1-on-1 expert support, and a 100% guarantee ***

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