2018 – Magic Secret Revealed – 60+ Impromptu Magic Tricks by Tom Jean

2018 – Magic Secret Revealed – 60+ Impromptu Magic Tricks Udemy

The udemy 2018 – Magic Secret Revealed – 60+ Impromptu Magic Tricks course taught by Professor Tom Jean is one of the most interesting about Lifestyle. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download 2018 – Magic Secret Revealed – 60+ Impromptu Magic Tricks

Magic – Learn Magic Secret that impress your friend. Most guarded Magic secret of all time. Read a person mind. Magic

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Description about the 2018 – Magic Secret Revealed – 60+ Impromptu Magic Tricks course

********************** New Tricks will be added every month. Course updated November 2017 ********************** Do You See Magic and always be amaze and how this is done? How can Magician make a coin disappear and appear as and when they want? You will learn this in this course. Full of magic tricks involving fire, Some tricks are dangerous so be careful when performing Coin Tricks that i have revealed! Learn to do these tricks and really impress your friends and family. Learn All the Tricks You Can Impress Your Friend. A Bonus Iphone tricks for all the Iphone fan. Variety of trick including Card, Coins, Money, Mind Reading. Trick Can be learn in a few minutes, if you need a quick card trick just see the card session. if you do not have a card but have some water there is a trick on water. Some trick is done impromptu with no preparation needed. With Udemy you access the lecturers anytime you want. Take a 5 min break and excuse yourself to somewhere quiet watch 1 trick and the next moment, everyone is surrounding you watching you perform. Some trick just cannot fail, it is mathtematics driven while some may need practice and slight of hands. Be a Magician for all occasion . Be a Mentalism If you only buy 1 Magic Course then this will be the one

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About Tom Jean

After years of performing, Tom still has 100% client satisfaction and rave reviews from many c-level executives and VPs. Sleight of Mind specializes in corporate entertainment and high class parties. If you want professional, world class entertainment, then look no further! Don’t settle for a jack-of-all trades, birthday party magician, when you need sophisticated entertainment for your event. I have worked as an illusionist for over 10 years and has performed around the world. I am a expert in the art of deception. While a traditional magician uses sleight of hand, My particular brand of illusion is called Sleight of Mind because it utilizes body language, misdirection, hypnosis, and little known psychological principles. While I does not claim to be a psychic, you will think I can read your mind. I creates an interactive, personal experience that is both entertaining and astonishing. I will perform and explain to you all the tricks secret