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The udemy Algebra II course taught by Professor Mina Gerges is one of the most interesting about Teaching & Academics. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download Algebra II

A;gebra 2

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Course Description: This course is designed to build on algebraic and geometric concepts. It develops advanced algebra skills such as systems of equations, advanced polynomials, imaginary and complex numbers, quadratics, and concepts and includes the study of trigonometric functions. It also introduces matrices and their properties. The content of this course are important for students’ success on both the ACT and college mathematics entrance exams. Students who complete Algebra II should take Pre-Calculus next.

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About Mina Gerges

Hi Everyone , I’m major in instructional system technology concentration in online learning and teaching . I have my graduate certificate from UNCC major in instructional system technology. I’m going to continue my master degree at University of East Carolina . I taught Math at elementary , Middle and high school and also I taught Developmental Math at Central Piedmont Community College from DMA 010-080  I have bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology concentration in power and energy