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The udemy Algerian Dialect (Darija) course taught by Professor Atika Mekki is one of the most interesting about Teaching & Academics. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download Algerian Dialect (Darija)

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Description about the Algerian Dialect (Darija) course

13 fast lessons of basics with a lot of examples and automatic corrected exercises. From giving some lessons in Darija basing on communication I received many smart questions and I thought it would be very useful if we can gather or make a kind of structured course for this dialect, trying to explain it following some rules of teaching Arabic as a foreign languages. This work came after a lot of efforts and time spent on. However it doesn’t mean it’s perfect, I welcome any reviews, comments or questions. We will start by greetings then we will see the right pronunciation of some letters which doesn’t exist in English (as letters), after that we continue with pronouns, verb to be, to do, to have, numbers, days, months and how to tell time. Lessons are with examples and registered audios in the pdf file. So I recommend starting by listening first then if you don’t understand you go to the written script, where you will find on your left the same Darija words translated to English, in a way that the same colour represent the same meaning in each line. At the end I really wish it will be useful for you and see you in the next level of Darija course -Inshaa Allah- All the best Atika Mekki

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