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The udemy Anxiety Guide 101 course taught by Professor Wilko Aschenborn is one of the most interesting about Personal Development. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download Anxiety Guide 101

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Description about the Anxiety Guide 101 course

Connect with my story & step by step mentorship guide to allow what helped mentor me assist you . Learn to embrace your emotions vs fearing them . Learn to Unlearn . Get the right tools and develop a mindset to set you free from suffering . Let go of limiting belief systems and develop empowering ones instead Mentoring from personal experience . Mentoring from a space of love vs fear These are just some key phrases and learnings you will take home after this course . Having had intense anxiety for over 8 years of my life , I had been focused to find a way for releasing  me from this feeling I absolute dreaded and hated so much . I had tried various different healing modalities and read into so many books , learned from mentors books and basically came to a great understanding after quite some time . I share my story along with the steps and episodes I went through to allow you to reflect to your own story and help mentor you from my own personal journey and experience to empower you with some great tools , insights and learnings along the way which will really save you tones of money , time & ultimately find a deep seeded peace within and with your emotions , learning to love them vs fearing them .

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About Wilko Aschenborn

Hi I am Wilko , Entrepreneur by heart and spirit . Mentoring has been a big part of my own development and through my mentors I have learned greatly to empower myself with the tools , perception and awareness to develop a profound relationship with myself , my emotions , thoughts and experiences .