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The udemy Audit Command Language for Beginners course taught by Professor Samuel Kolawole is one of the most interesting about IT & Software. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download Audit Command Language for Beginners

Audit, analyse and visualize data

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Description about the Audit Command Language for Beginners course

Are you looking for a career in audit, data science and other assurance functions?. This course is a good start for you. You will learn how to use ACL powerful features to audit, profile, manipulate and visualize data. The course contains 21 video lectures and 6 modules. Module 1 features the fundamentals of ACL.In module 2, you will learn to use ACL import data from data sources such as oracle database, delimited files, excel files.Module 3 will empower you with the tools to create logical and arithmetic expressions, perform mathematical computations and recalculations on transactions. In addition, Module 4 will show you how to use ACL commands for data integrity verification. In Module 5, you will see how ACL commands effortlessly isolate, profile, reorder and combine data.Module 6 shows you how to report results or findings using ACL GUI. It is worth noting that though there had been a lot of changes to ACL over the years. The key commands and concepts taught in this course had not changed. They can still be executed successfully in the newer versions. Throughout the course, real life scenarios were given for better assimilation.All the resources used for the course are also attached in section one for you to practice . You will also be required to provide answers to assignments given by the instructor.Wish you a great learning experience as you enroll for this course. Cheers!.

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About Samuel Kolawole

A passionate and business oriented IT consultant. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, a CISA and CISM . He has diverse skills in the following IT related areas – Programming, Website Design & Development, Digital Marketing, Computer Networks and Servers, Revenue Assurance, Information Systems Audits, Control and Security,Data analysis and visualizations.