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Auditioning, simply put, is a daily occurrence for us voice actors. Whether you have an agent, belong to a casting site, or you’re auditioning for your own leads you’ve developed through direct marketing, you probably have to submit samples quite a bit. It’s the nature of the beast. Potential clients want to listen to your voice and how you handle the script before giving you hundreds of dollars to complete the job. Makes sense to me. The problem is, your customers have short attention spans. If you aren’t submitting auditions quickly and WOWing them with your sample, you’ve already lost. About me: Hi! I’m Trevor. I’m a full-time, professional voice actor. I create narrations for radio and television commercials, explainer videos, audiobooks, and much more every single day. Some of my clients include Alibaba, Ingenico, and Orange Theory Fitness (just to name a few.) I also help aspiring voice actors take control of their freelance careers through effective coaching and mentorship. Whether it’s setting up your studio space, dialing in your sound, or fully producing your next voice over demo, I’ve got you covered. Check out my course today to get the guidance you need to succeed. I look forward to working with you.

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About Trevor O’Hare

Hi there! I’m Trevor O’Hare. I am a professional voice over artist with 20 years of experience recording audio. I have a Bachelor’s in Communication, and a Master’s in Education, so I know how to create effective content for clients and listeners of all types. I provide a compelling and engaging voice for video narrations, audiobooks, e-learning projects, and so much more! I look forward to sharing my experiences with you, so you too can begin a fruitful career in voice over.