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Dear students, just give a “thought”- as a student, “am i aware of Legislative part of Environment” , basic concept of, Central & State Laws, Its structure, General requirements etc. Remember, as a student of Environment & Sustainability, you should atleast know the basics. Rapid Industrialization and urbanization has already taken a toll on Environment. The impacts are visible and evident. To protect the Environment, Regulations are becoming stringent. There is a tremendous change, the way “legislative Institutions” are thinking and implementing the Regulations. Time will come and these regulations will become more and more stringent. Every student who is aspired to make a career in the field of Environment & Sustainability must know from the beginning itself about Basic Environmental Legislative Framework. Who this course is for: Students Personnel working in Manufacturing, Engineering, Service, IT – All types of Industries. Passionate Individual who wish to learn the Legislative part of Environmental Engineering. EHS officers Management system experts Professionals preparing for certification to ISO 14001:2015 Environmental managers Environmental technicians My course includes: A short introduction part speaking about the Indian Environmental Legislation. A detailed explanation on all the important Acts & Rules. From my course you get consolidated valuable information that you can study in your own time and review at any moment. This is a full package for students, environmental consultants, auditors and environmental practitioners

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