Break Free From iPhone, Screen, Social Media, Tech Addiction by Johan Versteegh

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The udemy Break Free From iPhone, Screen, Social Media, Tech Addiction course taught by Professor Johan Versteegh is one of the most interesting about Happiness. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download Break Free From iPhone, Screen, Social Media, Tech Addiction

Make your iPhone Addiction-Free and Limit your Phone Usage – Let your iPhone Enrich your Life and Not Destroy it

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***COMPLETE 2020 IPHONE COURSE THAT WILL HELP YOU BEAT PHONE ADDICTION AND SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTION*** ***FOR IPHONE USERS USING IOS 13 AND OLDER*** ***INCLUDING HOW TO USE AND SETUP SCREEN TIME AND FAMILY SHARING*** Do you want to stop being your iPhone’s slave and become the master instead? Do you want to focus more on your relationships, career, studies, aspirations, and self-development? Do you want to keep using your iPhone but control your phone usage? Do you want to transform your iPhone into an ally instead of an enemy? Do you want to improve your iPhone knowledge so you can use your close companion wisely? Do you want to set the right example for your children when it comes to your iPhone usage? Do you want to learn how to set limits, parental controls and put restrictions for yourself and your children? Do you want to end your days having spent your attention, time and energy effectively and not wasted on your iPhone? Although the terms “phone addiction” and “social media addiction” become more and more popular, we can’t just stop using tech and screens. Tech is here to stay, so we need to learn how to use our iPhones and social media in moderation. That’s exactly what you will learn in this course. There is no debate that we are using our phones and social media way too much. Just look around you and it seems being on our phones constantly is the new societal norm. Now with the coronavirus outbreak, we use our smartphones and social media constantly since we’re home so much. Many of us, however, tell ourselves that we should stop acting like our phone’s slave. There are other matters in life that are much more important. That’s why you are here. When you use an iPhone, then this course is for you. You will learn: The detrimental effects of too much social media and phone usage Which iPhone options you need to enable Which iPhone options you need to disable Which privacy settings and security settings you need to check and modify How to preserve battery life and which battery settings you want to check Everything you need to know about Screen Time and Family Sharing and how to set it up for yourself and your children How to use your instant messaging apps ( Apple’s Messages, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger ) wisely How to use your social media apps ( Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, YouTube, YoutTube Kids ) wisely How to use your mail apps ( Apple’s Mail, Gmail ) wisely Which other external tracking and blocking apps can help you with your iPhone usage Non-tech related tips on how to curb phone addiction and social media addiction Tips and tricks for your iPhone you don’t even know about Facts about social media addiction and phone addiction You will also find downloadable instructions for every lesson. Join this course now and begin immediately to end your phone addiction and social media addiction. It is time you unchain yourself from your iPhone and show it who’s boss. Start using your social media apps, instant messaging apps, and mail apps wisely so they don’t distract you constantly. Use tech to beat tech and inspire your children, family, and friends to do the same. Enroll now, have your iPhone with you and let’s get started!

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About Johan Versteegh

A few years ago, I struggled enormously, really suffered from phone and social media addiction, and I knew I had to find a way to unhook myself from screens. But I didn’t want to completely abstain from tech and screens; they are part of our lives, and they are here to stay.