Complete IOS AWS Developer [Swift4] by Lyju Edwinson

Complete IOS AWS Developer [Swift4] Udemy

The udemy Complete IOS AWS Developer [Swift4] course taught by Professor Lyju Edwinson is one of the most interesting about Mobile Development. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download Complete IOS AWS Developer [Swift4]

Develop IOS apps with AWS backend.

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Description about the Complete IOS AWS Developer [Swift4] course

AWS Mobile gives you the tools to rapidly configure and integrate the cloud backend your mobile app needs. I had trouble finding all the information needed for one particular platform for my apps. I have seen many courses discussing different technologies and platforms.  But when we make an app we probably don’t want to go through the issues of different platforms and might want to stick with one good platform. This course will helps you to choose world’s most popular cloud service AWS as backend for your app. Almost all the features needed for your app will be discussed here. If you need any other feature, feel free to send me a message. In this course we will learn building IOS apps with  Analytics – User Sign-in – Push Notification – NoSQL Database – User Data Storage – Cloud Logic – Messaging – Conversational Bots – Hosting and Streaming etc. At the end of this course you will have the necessary skill to develop IOS apps with AWS platform. This course focuses on practical implementation of the apps along with a summary of most common issues and techniques to handle them. I will be adding more contents to this course soon !!!

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About Lyju Edwinson

My development journey started 16 years before. I code primarily in Java. I started mobile development as a hobby and learned Swift for IOS. I also develop android apps using java and kotlin. I am an AWS contributor and working as a Tech Team Lead/Technical Architect. I love coding in different languages and I am excited to teach my experience throughout the years in different languages with you.