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The udemy Conscious Leadership Training and Development course taught by Professor Tom Eddington is one of the most interesting about Personal Development. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download Conscious Leadership Training and Development

How to Develop Self-Awareness in Leadership and Become an Authentic, Effective Leader Using the IMPACT Effect.

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— Part of the Conscious Leadership Mastery Series [C1] — If you are in any leadership position, whether it is corporate or community-based, you are faced with challenges, pressures and demands that no human being can carry alone. And yet you may feel completely alone with 100% of the responsibility of your organization’s success. The basis of good leadership originates in authenticity, compassion and awareness. We are a delicate ecosystem of mind, body and soul that requires conscious equilibrium. When we lead from this space, we change everything. Ultimately, it is about how we show up every single day. In addition, the workplace has changed dramatically in the past forty years. With the rise of social media, transparency has become the linchpin of success. The hierarchy originating from the Industrial Age is an antiquated structure. Conscious leadership, on the other hand, creates a circular system of give and take on every level. The need for “soft skills” is growing, and it’s the “soft stuff ” that’s often the hardest for a leader to master. Conscious leadership is the next step in our natural evolution to a cohesive, effective organization. Every leader is faced with bottom line-driven decisions with a strong tendency to focus more on financial statements than on the state of their employees. This stress leads to short-term thinking without considering long-term impacts on the organization. But it is the people you lead who are your greatest asset. This new paradigm of engagement and positive workplace culture fosters innovation, resiliency and a breakthrough in high performance, causing more impact in your world both personally and professionally while helping your organization become more successful. The intention behind this process is to hone your ability to engage in conscious leadership. You and your team will become more effective leaders and human beings on your path of consciousness by integrating the proven practices and tips provided in this program. Conscious Leadership Training and Development shows you how to: Operate from an inside out perspective Realize how your beliefs inform your actions Actively learn to thoughtfully respond instead of impulsively react to any situation Build your leadership skills through self-awareness, self-mastery, active listening, being present, authenticity, vulnerability and accountability Practice conscious leadership through a set of dynamic performance tools through the lens of the IMPACT Effect Revisit the end-of-chapter assignments to reinforce lessons learned Skyrocket employee engagement and fulfillment Focus on making a difference while making a profit Apply lessons learned from Nature and other real-world examples of leaders who have either succeeded or failed and tried again Build your muscles of mindfulness and resilience This program will: Address today’s current leadership crisis and how we can fix it View change, not as something to be feared, but as an opportunity to be celebrated Identify simple, practical solutions to leading from the heart Make the compelling argument that empathy and compassion contributes more to the bottom line than lashing out in fear Teach participants that conscious leaders view their team members as leaders themselves Emphasize community building as leaders’ greatest resource Honor your human traits as the very ingredient for your success Conscious leadership recognizes our humanity. Being human means having stories we tell ourselves that inform the way we feel and show up. And our personal narratives impact our professional behavior more than we realize. This course will lift the veil to show what is humming underneath and how to shift that narrative for the greater good. Make A Difference In Your Life And Your Organization ENROLL TODAY

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About Tom Eddington

Tom Eddington has spent the last three decades in business as a consultant, educator, entrepreneur, and strategic advisor. He is a student and teacher of Board, leadership and organization effectiveness – focusing on how they grow, achieve and sustain effectiveness while remaining stewards for their stakeholders.