Diminished Lightning Vol.1 – Gypsy Jazz Guitar by Alex Simon

Diminished Lightning Vol.1 – Gypsy Jazz Guitar Udemy

The udemy Diminished Lightning Vol.1 – Gypsy Jazz Guitar course taught by Professor Alex Simon is one of the most interesting about Music. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download Diminished Lightning Vol.1 – Gypsy Jazz Guitar

Use Diminished Chords to Create Momentum in Your Music!

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Description about the Diminished Lightning Vol.1 – Gypsy Jazz Guitar course

Dive into the world of diminished with this Gypsy Jazz Guitar course! Diminished has been used since the time of Bach to create tension in music. It is one of the core musical devices in Jazz and music in general. Diminished was employed extensively by pioneering guitar virtuosos Django Reinhardt, Charlie Christian, Eddie Lang and many modern players as well! Diminished is the Swiss Army knife of music. It serves many purposes. By mastering the placement of diminished harmony, you will be able to express complex musical ideas with a few simple shapes. In the same way that words make up sentences, Diminished will enable your playing to flow with a natural, speech like fluidity. It is the glue of Jazz. In this first installment of the Diminished Lightning series, we will begin our exploration into the power of diminished.  We will learn the basics of diminished and how it can be used to add momentum to chord progressions. We will take a thorough look at how to use diminished as a lead-in to the most often used chords in music. Diminished Lightning Vol. 1 is designed for beginner-intermediate level guitar players. This course will give you a strong foundation in how diminished functions. Learning the fundamentals of diminished will make getting the hang of more advanced soloing much easier.

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About Alex Simon

Inspired by the legendary Gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt, Alex Simon imbues dazzling technique and lyrical, impressionistic expression with a twenty-first century sensibility.