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The udemy Fashion Marketing Strategy: How To Promote & Sell Your Brand course taught by Professor Nino Via is one of the most interesting about Fashion Design. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download Fashion Marketing Strategy: How To Promote & Sell Your Brand

Essential Strategies for Brand Management for Success in Fashion Design. Social Commerce is the New Storefront.

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Description about the Fashion Marketing Strategy: How To Promote & Sell Your Brand course

This Course is about developing and implementing strategies for a strong and successful Fashion Brand . It is designed to inspire you, educate you and support you to create a powerful individual Brand. If you are passionate about Fashion Design , and believe in yourself and your company, then you must promote, market and sell your fashion designs to the marketplace, in a successful, empowering, and financially rewarding way — start your journey! Taking your designs from the runway and to the customer is a journey filled with many questions that need to be answered accurately in order for a Brand to succeed.  This Course will guide you and direct you to make the right decisions and choices: deciding which channels to use in Media Use and Social media is important when implementing the right vehicles to communicate your message to your customer. Having a consistency in your Brand Identity is very important: from your Logo, to Stationary, to Websites, Blogs, online presence, etc… it all must be consistent — one voice, one vision. And speaking of vision, this Course will encourage you to explore your vision and your purpose for your Brand.  This will be your driving force throughout the process of establishing yourself as a major player on the fashion stage. This Course is a journey of self-awareness and self-expression — discovering who you are as a Brand is the foundation of a successful Brand. We will also differentiate between Marketing vs Branding and other necessary strategies for achieving a global Brand. Discovering who you are as a designer will empower you to connect with your unique creative self and fuel your creativity and artistic side.  Your fashion design vision is an extension of who you are and knowing how to present it and share it with the world, is necessary not only on an inner personal level but also as successful financial business venture. The Course covers topics such as: Marketing vs Branding Brand Cohesiveness and Consistency What makes you a unique fashion designer Channels to promote your fashion brand Strategies for maximum visibility Advertising Campaigns Email marketing and Lead Funnels Social Media Engagement through Empathy + Connection Proprietary Technology and its advantage power Website building – a powerful marketing tool Finding the DNA of a Brand Marketing Strategies for Brand Equity Vision and purpose Print Campaigns Media Usage Catalogs Lookbooks Fashion Shows Public Relations (P.R.) You will learn how Brands such as “Revolve” were able to create a multi-billion dollar empire using Social Media and other strategic methods such as Proprietary Technology and influencers and bloggers such as Aimee Song and Olivia Culpo . How they engaged on Social Media — instrumental in their success.  Finding one’s “voice” is essential in defining oneself as a fashion designer.  Discovering the potential of Online marketing is important in creating global visibility. You will also see how Fashion Shows are used to elevate visibility and keep the conversation going after the show is over. Fashion Shows in conjunction with a good Public Relation campaign, makes for a strong and solid Brand.  Fashion shows can be expensive but I will show you how you can create your own “buzz” without braking the bank. You will learn how to use your Website as a powerful tool for marketing your designs and your Brand to the world. Catalogs and Lookbooks are necessary tools of the trade: finding out more about them will support getting your message out there. These are part of your Print Campaign and all the different Media Usage available to you. This Course can be either for fashion designers or for individuals who have an existing company who want to increase expansion and growth. You will learn how to use e-mail marketing, still a powerful tool to communicate with you customers. Using Funnels and Lead Generators for email campaigns. You will discover how a company like Ralph Lauren , how they used brand…

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