Google Workspace (G Suite) Admin – The Complete Course by Saleh Ramadan

Google Workspace (G Suite) Admin – The Complete Course Udemy

The udemy Google Workspace (G Suite) Admin – The Complete Course course taught by Professor Saleh Ramadan is one of the most interesting about IT & Software. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download Google Workspace (G Suite) Admin – The Complete Course

The only course that you need to properly deploy and manage G Suite for your organization!

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*** IMPORTANT : G Suite is now Google Workspace! The content and course will change to be aligned with these new changes from Google! The actual tools and how things work did not change, but some features and the branding and the look & feel will definitely change! *** Do you have an existing G Suite domain that you are managing, or planning to deploy G Suite for your organization? Are you looking for resources to help you perform the administration and management tasks on your G Suite domain? Well then, you have found the best resource for that! In this detailed and comprehensive course and guide, I take you through the details and steps to be able to deploy and manage G Suite for your organization effectively and easily. This course is for anyone who is a beginner or advanced in G Suite, and for anyone who is looking to explore what is G Suite or is planning to deploy it. I’ll share my 7 years experience in G Suite with you, and I’ll bring out many real life scenarios that happened with me, to help you with your G Suite administration tasks and activities. I’ve deployed projects for customers with users ranging from less than 10 up to thousands of users per organization! By the end of this course, you will be able to completely manage, deploy, or expand our G Suite domain. I will have most of the actvities covered including: New account setup and what are the requirements for that DNS records requirements and setup (MX, SPF, DKIM, and DMARC) User provisioning scenarios and tools (such as using GCDS, CSV file upload, GAM, and the API) Organizational structure, buildings and resources setup and management Groups settings and types Services settings, permissions, and control based on OU level and groups membership Admin roles and admin privileges delegation Security best practices and recommendations (password management, 2SV, SSO) Device management and policies Reports and audit details Email routing settings and compliance rules Chrome management and policies Also… If you are looking to get a good starting point to prepare and get familiar with the Google Cloud Professional Collaboration Engineer certification, then this course will put you on the road to get the core and bulk of information that you need for preparing and passing that exam, you will need to take some more external resources and you will be all set to take the exam..

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