How to SHADOWS & Coloring OBJECTS IN DRAWING by Houshang falahrezaei


The udemy How to SHADOWS & Coloring OBJECTS IN DRAWING course taught by Professor Houshang falahrezaei is one of the most interesting about Design. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download How to SHADOWS & Coloring OBJECTS IN DRAWING

Drawing Course With Color Pencils, Shadows & Reflections

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Description about the How to SHADOWS & Coloring OBJECTS IN DRAWING course

Did you know that you can draw professionally without expensive tools? All we can blending  colors with our senses to find a beautiful glass to find just a few colors with our  feelings. In this course, we carefully transfer the reference photo  on paper. And we blend  the colors layer by layer. add Values From bright to dark. To achieve the realistic  in finishing step. You are constantly checking your outline. Little by little, your beautiful drawing will appear. Here we learn how to complete the details. We learn how to create contrast with different layers. We practice realistic drawing with a few subjects, such as glass cups.  We need to create transparency. Using a pencil, pour the liquid into the glass and splash. And again, more contrast. We add details to make the drawing realistic. Also draw details and lights with white marker, black marker, ruler and white Chalk. With the dance of light. Yes, light dances in glass and water and creates highlights. Even with two colors, black and white, we can draw beautiful objects. Reflections and blending   of layers together. With these templates we can find the degrees and value of colors. Realistic drawing…

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About Houshang falahrezaei

I am a designer an ART instructor. I advise you to learn drawing basically. In all the courses that I learn you, I will teach the basically of drawing. draw a face or a cube are same. My teaching method’s is from beginners to advanced. With a simple pencil or color. I try to emphasize the basic drawing. About PROPORTIONS. From whole to details. Your fears will be disappear. Your skills will be better.