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Description about the Introduction to Automotive engineering – Performance course

Automotive Design is driven by the targets set for performance. Understanding these performance metrics and characteristics is a very important part of the overall Vehicle design process. This course aims to provide an idea of each of these specific areas of performance related to the Typical IC (internal combustion) engine Vehicle. Topics covered Mechanism of Acceleration of the Vehicle Basic working principles of IC engine Traction and Power limited acceleration Limits of Top speed Relations between tractive force and engine torque Need for a transmission Factors which affect Vehicle Handling Importance of the Tire Stiff vs Soft suspension What is Road holding and Grip Types of tests performed for handling Steering performance Basic Physics of Braking Working mechanism of a Brake system Stopping distance derived Slip ratio and its affects Anti lock braking system working Relations between Braking and Handling behavior What are vibrations, Difference between Ride and NVH Types of sources, paths Types of Noise Basic Concepts of Vibrations Sensitive touch points related to NVH How NVH performance is evaluated? Different aspects of Vehicle Durability Importance of Material properties to strength Bending and Torsional stiffness Trade off of strength vs Weight Considerations for Design for durability in Vehicle design process Flow of energy in an engine Types of losses Relative Contribution of those losses Specific Fuel Consumption What is Thermal efficiency and ways to improve it Affect of Driving patterns and environment Ways to improve Vehicle Fuel efficiency The course is designed to be Beginner friendly and consists of minimal Math with a “First Principles” approach. If you are a student, engineer working in Automotive industry or an enthusiast wanting to learn about Automobiles this course will give you a Holistic understanding of Performance Criteria which matters and build a conceptual intuitive understanding of underlying principles. This course doesn’t deal in-depth in any of the area only deals with “what matters” . This course may not be for you if you are looking for a highly analytical approach . This course is suitable for you if already know some basics of cars but want to know the engineering connections in performance. Knowledge compiled in the course is partly academic and  partly related to my experiences and learning throughout my working stint at an Automotive manufacturer as a mechanical design engineer .

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About Mufaddal Rasheed

Mufaddal Rasheed is a mechanical design engineer and an inventor  experienced in a role in Automotive R&D designing complete Chassis systems from Concept to production for SUV projects in Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd for 7 years . Part of a team which delivered a innovative modular chassis platform for 5 vehicles.