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Always have a hard time finding your error in the host of different servers? Having a hard time configuring alerts for when things go wrong? Need to manually investigate issues when a server/database runs out of space? Dynatrace will actually test your apps globally with synthetic tests, like real users across the globe.And that too, on a schedule. It is no wonder that Dynatrace’s usage and acceptance grows day by day. Whether you are a Software Architect looking for a way to switch over your conventional logging mechanism to the next generation of tools or a developer looking for a one stop shop to manage your entire data/monitoring storage and computation framework, DynaTrace is the solution for you. DynaTrace is especially good for monitoring your Cloud based architecture. You will get a quick grasp on DynaTrace. It is one of the best data monitoring tools out there, with the ability to design and develop dashboards and it will let you add widgets to provide great visual representation into your entire ecosystem. Everything is well documented and separated, so you can find what you need. Assignments and Quizzes will make sure you stay on track and test your knowledge. The course will have a combination of theory and practical examples. The Introduction Setup DynaTrace Agents on Windows machines and servers. Create an account and see why we use Dynatrace. Learn about all the good stuff Dynatrace offers. Learn how to sync DynaTrace with your  Amazon Web Services Account. DashBoards Learn how to create a dashboard and then share it to investigate metrics in your organization. You can even customize charts and pin them to these dashboards. Synthetic Monitors What path is the user taking? What part of your website is more frequently being used. Is it performing everywhere? Create HTTP and Browser tests to figure all this out. Click path tests let you mock user test cases that you can run from anywhere. Dynatrace Integrations Did something break? Did you find out? If you were using Dynatrace…yes! Integrate with Slack to send messages to your channels. Don’t use slack? Well, then send out emails. Have a great support team? Send alerts to PagerDuty! Logging Add custom files for logging. And then access these files from the DynaTrace UI. DynaTrace has certain conditions for logging, you can’t just make up any file and decide its going to contain your logs for DynaTrace. So understand these conditions and apply them. Like naming your files correctly. Monitoring Applications Create a basic HTML/JavaScript App. No that’s not all. Then have it monitoring without an agent. Yes, without an agent. Plug in some JS code in your app and it will just get monitored! Voila! Then see it on the UI! Management Zones and Tags Too many servers! Is it broken in Asia or Europe?! Well, if you had DynaTrace you would know immediately since you could use Tags or Management Zones to segment your apps. API Making your own App? Well you have to be able to access the DynaTrace API. So let’s do that. In a simple way. Then go make your app on your own. We will be using PostMan to test the api to I will show you how to set that up. OneAgent SDK This is for the more technically oriented. Got some custom apps in Python or C++ or C or Java or something else you need monitored? Well we will show you how.

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