Learn to Play with Beginner Guitar Chords (Major, Minor) by Charles Dupuis

Learn to Play with Beginner Guitar Chords (Major, Minor) Udemy

The udemy Learn to Play with Beginner Guitar Chords (Major, Minor) course taught by Professor Charles Dupuis is one of the most interesting about Music. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download Learn to Play with Beginner Guitar Chords (Major, Minor)

Chord Confidence Part 1 – Guitar Chords for Beginners – to Easily Play Your Favorite Songs

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Description about the Learn to Play with Beginner Guitar Chords (Major, Minor) course

A beginner guitar player needs to learn certain chords and also what chords are commonly used together.   Then, you are ready to play your favorite songs! Learn to Play with Beginner Guitar Chords –  Guitar Chords for Beginner was specifically created for the person who is just beginning, OR someone who has already learned a few chords, OR the person who has ‘leveled off’ – maeaning that they aren’t quite sure what to do next and find themselves in a rut (a “stalled musician” ). Using my GIANT GUITAR (so you can clearly see the chords to learn ) I teach in a very practical way.    I provide explanation of how minor chords and major chords have a 1 to 1 connection.  By the time you complete the course, you will have learned 12 chords in all.   I also show you how, with only 3 chords, songs make “progress” (we call this “song progression”). What has taken me more than 3 decades to learn, I have distilled into easy to digest lessons .   I show you how to avoid excessive “memory” playing – by teaching you PATTERNS, CONNECTIONS, and ASSOCIATIONS –  the very important secrets of “effortless” guitar playing. [If you have ever used a computer whose memory was almost full, it’s frustrating, isn’t it?  If you begin with a wrong foundation, your guitar playing can be frustrating like that, and you risk becoming a ‘stalled musician’ – and maybe quitting altogether – missing out on one of the most rewarding past times – or professions – enjoyed by many, many who have learned to play with competence]. Also included : ++tuning ++ strumming patterns ++tips to appropriately engage your memory, and learning tips Keep it simple , but develop confidence in your understanding of music! (Chord Confidence also has Part 2 – GUITAR JUMP START-from Beginner Guitar to Intermediate level! Move from Basic to Intermediate Player)

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About Charles Dupuis

I come from a very musical family; I am a drummer, an acoustic and electric guitar player, as well as a bass and keyboard player.  At age 22, I had the opportunity to go on the road with the christian band Wisdom .  I did mostly backing vocals with the band , but also sang some small lead vocal parts.