Making Polymer Clay Statement Jewelry by Kasheera Hickson

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How To Make a Beautiful Statement Jewelry Collection With Polymer Clay

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Description about the Making Polymer Clay Statement Jewelry course

A course for polymer clay jewelry beginners looking to create stunning handmade pieces. Perhaps you’ve come across a wonderful polymer clay jewelry maker or simply have a love for handmade jewelry. No matter your reason for wanting to dive in – this course will help you greatly improve your clay crafting abilities and your knowledge on the best tools for getting started. You will also learn the best places to shop for supplies without breaking the bank. In this course you will learn: Tools You’ll Need To Get Started With Polymer Clay Jewelry How to prepare clay fo slab making How to use depth guides How to design your slab How to add texture and patterns to your slab How to use shape cutters to cleanly cut out your designs How to prep clay for baking My step by step gluing process Once you learn the basics and start creating your own pieces, your creative ideas will explode and soon you will be making your own signature collections. You will have the knowledge you need to create without fear of failing or not having all the tools you need. With polymer clay there is always more to learn and I am happy to be on this journey with you! Inspiring you to allow your creative expression to shine at its fullest. Let’s dive in and create something beautiful together!

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About Kasheera Hickson

I am Kasheera Latasha, a jewelry designer currently residing in sunny Los Angeles, California. I have 7+ years experience designing jewelry and vending at trade-shows. My love for color and bold expression has led me to create beautifully unique pieces that I have sent off into the world with great joy. I am beyond excited to now share all of my knowledge and expertise  with jewelry designers of all skill levels. The thing that I enjoy most is being able to express my creativity and passion through art. Let us all continue to create and inspire each other!