Organic Chemistry basics (+10hours) ( For 12th Std & MCQ) by Ravindra Shinde

Organic Chemistry basics (+10hours) ( For 12th Std & MCQ) Udemy

The udemy Organic Chemistry basics (+10hours) ( For 12th Std & MCQ) course taught by Professor Ravindra Shinde is one of the most interesting about Teaching & Academics. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download Organic Chemistry basics (+10hours) ( For 12th Std & MCQ)

Organic Chemistry Made Simple… Basics to Advanced [ 9 Free preview lectures].

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Description about the Organic Chemistry basics (+10hours) ( For 12th Std & MCQ) course

About Course – 2: ( Organic Chemistry basics for 12th Standard, NEET, JEE and MHTCET,MCQ) {+10Hours} [9  Free Preview Lectures] This Course – 2 is designed to help students, understand organic chemistry and remove the fear of organic chemistry. My experience says that, students feel organic chemistry is difficult because they do not follow the proper sequence while studying organic chemistry. ( Please enjoy 9 PREVIEW lectures before joining). Proper Sequence : 1) INTRODUCTION 2) Concept of HYBRIDIZATION (11th Level) (Course 1) 3)Effects in Organic Chemistry (Inductive effect, Electromeric effect, Resonance, Hyperconjugation etc) (11th Level).(Course 1) 4) Reactions & Mechanisms.(  12th level) (Course 2) 5) Advanced MCQ discussion.( 12th level).(Course 2) Without having conceptual hold on Hybridisation, one cannot get conceptual control of various effects like Inductive effect, Electromeric effect, Resonance, Hyperconjugation in Organic Chemistry. Without Knowledge of these effects we cannot study chemical reactions in Organic chemistry and their mechanisms. So skipping these steps it will be impossible for a students to solve multiple choice questions (MCQ). In  Course – 1, after explaining the concept of Hybridisation, I have explained various effects in Organic chemistry. After this part-I have shifted my lectures to organic reactions and their mechanisms. The selection of organic reactions and their mechanisms in this Course – 2 is done randomly without considering the sequence of topics in the textbooks. This I have done deliberately because once you are done with concept of Hybridisation and effects in Organic Chemistry, you become capable of studying chemical reactions and their mechanisms in Organic chemistry, irrespective of their sequence in the text book. Finally I have discussed few advanced level MCQs. If students follow the above sequence through my Course – 2 then it will help them to develop the confidence and will make them capable of successfully facing various exams like NEET, JEE and MHTCET.

Organic Chemistry basics (+10hours) ( For 12th Std & MCQ) information:

It includes

11.5 hours on-demand video Full lifetime access Access on mobile and TV Certificate of completion

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Basic chemistry of first semester of 11th standard.( My course -1 for 11th std will be very helpful) Useful for both 11th & 12th. Since it is a lifetime Course once enrolled, Students can use for both 11th & 12th as per the sequence Knowledge of Functional groups & Iupac Nomenclature of Alkanes is required

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About Ravindra Shinde

Prof. Ravindra B. Shinde is a Msc. in Chemistry from Shivaji University. He has passed NET(CSIR).  He has been conducting regular classes in Chemistry for the last 20 years. More than 5000 junior college students (11th & 12th standards) have benefited immensely by his teaching methods. He guides aspiring students to crack difficult exams like NEET, JEE, MHT-CET etc.