PMP® Exam Prep 2021: By Knowledge Area (Part 2) by Hans Weemaes

PMP® Exam Prep 2021: By Knowledge Area (Part 2) Udemy

The udemy PMP® Exam Prep 2021: By Knowledge Area (Part 2) course taught by Professor Hans Weemaes is one of the most interesting about Business. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download PMP® Exam Prep 2021: By Knowledge Area (Part 2)

Knowledge Area: “Communication, Risk, Procurement, Stakeholder” + 1 Full exam

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Description about the PMP® Exam Prep 2021: By Knowledge Area (Part 2) course

1. Practice on 5 highly realistic PMP® Exam sample questions that were developed based on the current PMP exam specifications and cover the last 4 Knowledge areas of PMBOK (Part2). The others can be found in Part 1.  And practice one full practice exam · 4 high-quality real PMP Exams, questions has designed as you will see in the real PMP exam. · 1 high-quality Full PMP Exam, designed to simulate the real test environment. ·      Each Knowledge area exam consists of 40 questions to be answered within 1 hours. ·      The full PMP test exam consists of 200 questions to be answered within 4 hours. ·      Each question will have detailed feedback to explain why the answer is right (and other answers incorrect) ·      If you score >70% in the Practice Tests, then you have a very good chance to Pass easily the Real PMP® Exam. 2. Focus on Each Knowledge to ensure you are extremely well prepared for the real PMP®Exam correctly. The following topics and more are coved. .       Communication Management ·       Risk Management ·       Procurement Management ·       Stakeholder Managment – So if you are serious about earning your PMP® Certificate this course for you. (Especially in Combination with Part 1) -Take this course and keep in touch with me till prepare you pass your PMP® Exam!

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  • Author: Hans Weemaes
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About Hans Weemaes

I’m a visiting business school Professor in Korea, consultant, and corporate trainer. I focus on Strategic Magement, Entrepreneurship, and Project Management. I am particularly passionate about communicating complex concepts in a straight forward language to a general audience, whether this in the class-, meeting- or boardroom. I have worked with students, managers, directors and C-Level Executives