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Role of diviners in the management and resolution of life crises, Interpretive divination, Divination impact on society

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Divination is the art of making apparent information that is hidden or not immediately obvious. From the outside looking in , it appear magical, mystical, and maybe even scary, because we may not understand where this information is coming from. Examples  of divination systems are the tarot cards, dowsing with pendulum, crystal ball, palm reading, the l ching and even reading tea leaves. Many would say that the power is not so much in the object or system used as in the person who is using them, and their relationship to the tools. Many believe that divination works because all things are connected energetically, and all matter has an innate intelligence. According to the belief, when handling some rocks on a table, you are connected to a higher power because the higher power is connected to the rocks- in a sense, the rocks are alive. If you accept that everything is alive. it could be argued a higher purpose can speak to you through anything – if you can just work out a method of interpreting what an object may say to you. Once you accept that the world is an intelligent place, you can even accept that your car breaking down while you are out for a drive may be a message that you should slow down and relax in your more general life. To believe in divination can be a big step. Many need to practice an art such as tarot for many years before they really begin to accept that it is not just coincidence that the cards keep falling in the right places.

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My education is centered on business and marketing, I have studied with Chartered Institute of Marketing ( C.I.M-UK) from certificate in marketing, advance certificate in marketing to post graduate diploma in marketing. I proceeded to do master of business administration from central university graduate business school.