Rational Compassion Masterclass: Critical thinking for good by Logan Sullivan

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The udemy Rational Compassion Masterclass: Critical thinking for good course taught by Professor Logan Sullivan is one of the most interesting about Personal Productivity. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download Rational Compassion Masterclass: Critical thinking for good

Critical thinking & practical psychology for aspiring Changemakers who ask how to take action and how to do good BETTER

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Description about the Rational Compassion Masterclass: Critical thinking for good course

***Instructor pledges to DONATE 20% of his proceeds to the HIGHEST IMPACT NONPROFITS in the world*** A FEW QUESTIONS Do you ever feel defeated, like no matter how much you care and how hard you try to make the world a better place, you never quite see the results you’re hoping for? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of issues facing humanity , nonhuman animals, and the environment we all share, like they’re just too big to possibly do anything about as just one person? Do you try to recycle, avoid plastic bags, take shorter showers, consume consciously and want to do SO much more, but you just don’t know how to do good effectively, what actually works, or even where to start? Are you ever frustrated by your inability to persuade people to do less harm and live more benevolent lives , wondering why they refuse to listen and improve? Do you ever realize you were far too optimistic or pessimistic about the probability a proposed solution will actually solve a problem, and then question how your mind allowed you to be so far off when you felt so confident? I’VE BEEN THERE, I PROMISE And I spent a decade in 60-some countries as a senior-level humanitarian aid worker, advocacy advisor and consultant researching and compiling clues, investigating how one individual can most effectively impact positive change in the world and persuade others to do the same. I researched these vital questions: How to do good better? How to make a difference that lasts? How to take action that makes an impact? How to change the world? More specifically: How can I do good better? How can I make a difference that lasts? How can I take action that makes an impact? How can I change the world? How can I be the change? And my biggest finding: RATIONAL COMPASSION HAS THE ANSWERS . Rational compassion is the intersection between critical thinking and heartfelt empathy , where our benevolent hearts are guided by our more logical brains, where we’ve upgraded from our flawed mental software, and where we take action to consciously impact change, not to subconsciously feel less burdened by the issues we care about most. Rarely do harmful issues persist in the world because no one cares. Rather, issues persist because people want to solve them but just don’t know how. And more often than not, straightforward solutions exist, but we’re blinded by our cognitive biases and victim to logical fallacies that prevent us from: first, comprehending the issues; second, understanding how we relate to the issues; and third, learning how to most effectively contribute our unique assets, as individual changemakers, to the solution. BY THE END OF THIS COURSE, YOU WILL USE: Critical thinking to… identify and overcome dangerous cognitive biases, logical fallacies and other common misconceptions that render ineffective changemakers Critical thinking to… dissect the key complexities of causes and issues (both global and local) that cause harm to humans, nonhuman animals and the environment Critical thinking to… understand how you relate to these issues and which solutions you’re empowered to contribute to Critical thinking to… maximize your positive impact per unit of effort exerted , your ROI if you were a resource for change Critical thinking to… calculate both the impact and footprint of your choices and actions , both negative and positive Critical thinking to… multiply Your impact by 10x, 100x, 1,000x by doing good smarter, not working harder Critical thinking to… take action for causes, volunteer for nonprofits, donate to charity, and utilize careers and pastimes in the most high impact intelligent ways we can Critical thinking to… balance a joyful life with a high impact life — neurologist’s and psychologist’s formula for happiness and lasting fulfillment The uncritical mind is optimized for making itself feel better about what burdens it. We do this by adjusting our perceptions of that burden, not by taking actions to improve upon the un…

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About Logan Sullivan

Logan spent a decade in 60-some countries on 6 continents as a humanitarian aid worker, senior-level advocacy advisor and consultant for major International Nongovernmental Organizations (INGO) like: International Medical Corps, Oxfam International, Mercy Corps, Action Against Hunger, and others.