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The udemy Small Group Discussion Facilitation – Aristotle’s Cafe course taught by Professor Hassan Ghiassi is one of the most interesting about Personal Development. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download Small Group Discussion Facilitation – Aristotle’s Cafe

Become an Expert Facilitator and Master Leading Small Group Discussions, Communication, and Cultural Awareness

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**Check out the Free Previews in the News and Testimonial Section to Learn More** We are living in a world that’s more connected than ever yet somehow it feels that instead of coming closer together, we are often pushing further apart. It’s Time to Have Discussions that Matter. Doing this produces well-rounded citizens ready to engage and become leaders in our globalized world. Do you want to learn how to improve your leadership, critical thinking, public speaking, active listening, cultural intelligence, personal development, and communication skills? Aristotle’s Cafe creates a dynamic environment that a group of strangers together to put their phones down and engage in discussions that matter. We give you a safe community to share your ideas, your opinions, and your questions. Learn through conversation and free expression. At the same time tear down political, religious, and social boundaries. Sometimes we forget how good it feels to be listened to. Bringing people together and creating a space for someone to be heard is a powerful thing. If you believe that every person should have the chance to be heard and respected. Follow the link, be part of a discussion that matters, be part of our community. This course will focus on the Aristotle’s Cafe Discussion format to guide you through mastering Facilitation. If so, Mastering the art of Facilitation is right for you! Become a master of leading small group discussions, understand what it means to be a process expert and learn how to use the skills from this course anywhere you find yourself in the world. Better yet, you will be able to create a community around leading discussions and have the ability to take yourself through your own journey of self-improvement and career success along the way. This course is made up of everything a facilitator needs to know to find success in leading and organizing small group discussions at the office or at a local venue. Hosting Small Group Discussions: Creating an Environment Picking a Venue Mastering Facilitation Skills: Instructors and Facilitators Perfecting the Introduction Leading the Discussion The Epiphany Question Method Ending the Discussion Promoting Your Event: Using Facebook Other Tips, Tricks, and Tools to Create a Great Community This course will teach you how to be more effective in all areas of your life. Learning to Facilitate will completely change the way you approach business and personal situations. What People Are Saying About Hassan and his courses: “Brilliant course. My business facilitates peer group discussion for C-suite executives. This will help me tremendously with my job as facilitator of these meetings.” — Anton Stegmann “Specifically, this course teaches you how to organise and facilitate regular small group discussions. However, more broadly, the course gives you the tools to improve your communication skills and use them FOR GOOD.” –Vivian Li “I love this course! I’ve been creating my own events for 2 years, but I still learn a lot from Hassan. I love the step-by-step information this course provides. I will get to make so much use of it.” –Layla Hai “Very good and easy to understand content with good clarity on the overview and objectives. To be a good facilitator is definitely a challenge. This course provided essential insights as well as information on blind spots in facilitation along with tips on how to deal with them.” — Ram N. “These instructional videos are concise, interesting and informative. I am 100% pleased with the information presented and will recommend it to my associates.” –Stacy McPherson “Aristotle’s Cafe provides a great place to have interesting conversations with people you might otherwise never even meet. A positive space to learn about the world, people’s opinions and self-leadership. Hassan connects the group through excellent facilitation, which allows for great networking and continued conversation afterwards.” –Daniel J. McIsaac “The instructor is teaching…

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About Hassan Ghiassi

Hassan Ghiassi is the Founder of Aristotle’s Cafe and has brought this unique approach to small group discussions globally. In 2019, he was invited by TEDx to deliver a talk entitled “How Discussions That Matter Create Empathy.” Hassan continues to train others in leading small group discussions, and does consulting for organizations looking to build healthy dialogues within their communities.