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The udemy WebLogic 11g Administration essentials course taught by Professor Venkat Mecoe is one of the most interesting about IT & Software. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download WebLogic 11g Administration essentials

Learn quickly and easily about what is all about Weblogic11g application server and product administration

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Description about the WebLogic 11g Administration essentials course

This course
is named as Weblogic11g administration essentials which covers basic and
advanced Weblogic server11g administrative tasks. ·        
The right
terminology to be used to find this course is comprised of words such as
Weblogic or Weblogic11g administration or Oracle middleware or Oracle WebLogic ·        
Course materials
includes microsoft presentations and predefined set of chapters for each administration
topic. Also contains Lab recording sessions to walkthrough with various
hands-on sessions which are part of Weblogic administration ·        
The overall
course run for a length of 4:40Hrs. ·        
This course
is structured in such way is to start off with all theory based presentations
for Weblogic and followed by subsequent lab sessions covering hands-on for all
corresponding theory based sessions ·        
This course
is very useful for folks who are aspiring towards application administration
and folks who worked(ing) as DBAs or sys admin and looking to scale-up further
more and transform themselves as multi-skilled.

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About Venkat Mecoe

I am Venkat and I am a fascinated trainer. I own a training firm named as “MeCOE” which is abbrivated as Middleware Center of Excellence.