Wholesaling Real Estate Made Easy – 2021 (Contract Included) by Ryan David

Wholesaling Real Estate Made Easy – 2021 (Contract Included) Udemy

The udemy Wholesaling Real Estate Made Easy – 2021 (Contract Included) course taught by Professor Ryan David is one of the most interesting about Business. That is why below we will give you the necessary information so that you can learn and be better professionals once you download Wholesaling Real Estate Made Easy – 2021 (Contract Included)

Wholesale Real Estate Investing 101 : Flipping Contracts : Real Estate Flipping – How To Guide : Wholesaling Real Estate

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Description about the Wholesaling Real Estate Made Easy – 2021 (Contract Included) course

A step-by-step guide to wholesaling your first property Are you sick of taking courses that just don’t deliver? Guru’s who give you just enough information to get your attention but not enough to deliver results? In this course I reveal a Step-By-Step roadmap of how to WHOLESALE your first property in 30-60 days of taking all out action!   You will be guided on how to find Motivated Sellers , how to Talk to these Motivated Sellers and execute a Purchase and Sale Contract .  You will also learn how to find your Cash Buyers for these properties you now have under contract and execute an Assignment Contract to ensure you lock down Your Wholesale FEE .  You will understand how to manage the closing so you can look like a professional and walk out of that closing with YOUR 4 or 5 figure PROFITS .  You will have an understanding of how to do this whole process from START to FINISH. After you complete your first deal you will be able to replicate this process and do Multiple Deals! These deals can be wholesaled or you can close them and start flipping the properties yourself if you decide the profit is much more than wholesaling the real estate!  The options are endless once you get going There are 2 additional BONUSES in this course to help you achieve those results: BONUS #1 : We have put together a group of likeminded hustler’s to further assist you in your progress to make sure that you can finally deliver the results you deserve – and as a student, You’re invited to join us! BONUS #2 : Because I am aware that we all have different learning styles, I have also put together a FREE EBOOK to assist you in learning.  This should not be a substitute but rather an additional resource for education! Quick Story: My first deal was back in 2016.  Not knowing anything about real estate, I was a bit nervous every step of the way.  What I learned is that feeling of fear or uncertainty is completely normal for 100% of people that try new things and that you should never let that hold you back as 99% of people that fail, do so right before they have their breakthrough and accomplish their goal. I was working full time at a local hospital at the time and decided to go ahead and take the steps that I’m about to show you in this course.  I had to search for each one of these steps individually and piece it all together by reading books, finding the right blogs and videos online and finding other local investors to help me when I got stuck.  This was all part of the journey but when I finally got my first motivated seller and prepared for the conversation (I’m sure I looked like a deer in headlights by some of the questions he asked me as I knew nothing about real estate at the time). About 30 days later I closed that first deal and cashed in my very first check for $7,500 profit .  Shortly after that I cashed another for $10,000 profit than my 3rd deal was for $20,000 profit . I EARNED while I LEARNED and hope that you take the same opportunity! #wholesale #realestate #investing #flipping #houses #wholesaling

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About Ryan David

I was born and raised in Maine and was fortunate enough to grow up around all the outdoor hobbies that Vacationland has to offer.  I got started in Entrepreneurship wholesaling real estate in 2016.  I have been inspired to pursue real estate investing and other passive income streams since reading the book, The 4 Hour Work Week, by Timothy Ferris.  My goal is to continue teaching passive income streams as I become familiar and succeed in each one as it is my passion to teach other how to exit the rat race and enjoy life.